Is Texas Angel Oil from Texas olives?

-Yes, Texas Angel Oil is primarily used from Texas grown olives for our premium extra virgin olive oil.  Texas Angel Oil blends different olive types, all premium extra virgin olive oil, for optimal taste and performance in all cooking types.  As we have grown we continue to search the world for the right type of olive producing world class extra virgin olive oil to use in our blends. 

Where all can I buy Texas Angel Oil in my local grocery store?

- Due to the demand of our online sales we have not been able to expanded into retail distribution at your local market.  As we grow we hope to be able to give you additional options to purchase Texas Angel Oil products.  Currently available on our website, Amazon, Facebook, and various events with our sponsored BBQ competition team and online chefs.

Is it true that Texas olive oil is winning numerous awards around the world?

-Yes.  While we have not competed in worldwide olive oil competitions yet, Texas extra virgin olive oil is catching the worlds attention. Many groups from all over the world have moved into Texas buying large land tracks to plant olive orchards due to the unique Texas land and climate optimal for growing olive trees.

How is Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil getting so much attention in the world?

God first and foremost.  Texas Angel Oil is not only blended from different olive types for a medium to robust flavor great for almost all cooking types.  Texas Angel Oil extra virgin olive oil is blended for cooking performance.  Of the 1000's of olive types in the world, each olive type in each climate produces a unique flavor.  However, it also produces unique attributes as well, like its smoke point.  This is key for those of you who like to fry, get the perfect sear on a steak, or win counteless world BBQ competions.

How many culinary competitors or professionals do you sponsor?

Currently we proudly sponsor 2 groups and only add chef's or pitmaster's we have cooked with personally.

-Guadalupe Co. BBQ Competion Team of Food Network and winner of countless awards

-Sienna Bernal, The Short Order Chef, leading chef and dwarfism advocate


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