About Our Company

Texas Angel Oil started as a family run small batch orchard in Texas blending premium extra virgin olive oil from various olive types for the perfect meal.  The humidity from the Texas Gulf of Mexico delivers the warm full flavor of our fresh extra virgin olive oil. Texas Angel Oil has a full fresh medium body unfiltered taste that is perfectly suited for optimal performance in your kitchen.  It was our original goal that we achieved to provide the world a premium extra virgin olive oil blend for almost all cooking types.  As our evolution continues we are and will provide you a highly specialized extra virgin olive oil for individualized cooking styles. 

We take pride in having one of the highest amounts of arbequina olive oil of any extra virgin olive oil blend on the market. Too much arbequina and you end up with a peppery taste and too little arbequina oil and the taste can be bland in many cases. Just the right blend as we feel we achieved and you get Texas Angel Oil and while we will always offer our flagship product produced in Texas of extra virgin olive oil.  Texas Angel Oil is growing to bring you world class extra virgin olive oil's from around the world.  Anytime we offer a premium product from around the world we will clearly mark the product with the country of origin and recommended cooking styles so you can select what is right for you and your family.

From our family: Christopher, Sinjin, & Skyla it is our honor to serve you and God bless!

Please inspect arrived package and products as soon as they arrive to your door!

If your package has arrived damaged or tampered with, please contact the carrier (USPS, UPS or FedEx) and our Customer Service Department. Any delay in contacting the carrier and our Customer Service Department makes it more difficult to file a claim. Please keep ALL packaging and items EXACTLY AS THEY ARRIVED.